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How to find a reliable hair transplant clinic

How to research for hair transplant clinic

Dear friends, after receiving a lot of letters from people who had overcome an unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries in other clinics all over the world, we decided to write a post, explaining the process of researching for a reliable hair transplant clinic in several steps.

       ü  First of all you need to understand that donor zone is limited and after an unsuccessful hair restoration surgery your chances to get satisfying results even after another HT are decreasing. Sometimes donor zone on scalp can be spoiled by unprofessional clinic so much that there is nothing left for another surgery. So the clinic researching process is quite serious and responsible step.

       ü  You need to be sure that the doctor will do the surgical part of the procedure. Do not feel shy to ask for graduation diploma and qualification certificate.

       ü  Ask the clinic to provide personal contacts of the people who have already done hair transplant at their clinic. If they say this information is confidential, it is already suspicious. Because yes a lot of people do not want a clinic to share their number or personal information, but there are always some people who will be happy to share about their experience with that clinic, especially if they are satisfied with the result.

       ü  Do not believe to positive reviews recorded just after the procedure, always ask for the results of each patient they post on their social media. If the person agreed to share his video just after the operation, he won’t mind to send a photo of his result.

       ü  Always ask the details about payment and ask if you will have to pay for anything extra to avoid scammers. But even if you got in a situation when after the surgery the stuff of the clinic offers you to buy expensive multi vitamins and some extra shampoos, otherwise nothing will grow up, know it is a scam. Taking so many vitamins without control may harm your health more. Also everything you need must be included in the price which was told to you before you did the hair transplant.

       ü  We consider value per graft to be very unfair. As any person expects to get a natural looking hair in future, so he must get maximum amount of grafts per one session that will give him possibility to do some haircuts and improve his self-esteem. Transplanting couple of follicles because the patient had not enough money is unfair and such results always look far from natural. That is why we always give fixed prices, so one can be sure to get maximum grafts per one session and natural look.

       ü  Also we want to explain that hair transplant cannot give you the same density as in your teenage years. The idea of hair transplant is to achieve natural looking result and full coverage of baldness, but you cannot expect super dense hair after this procedure. And if somebody is promising you what you just want to hear, it is a scam. Donor zone is limited and it is impossible to cover the head with the density you had before hair loss.

       ü  Be careful with the clinics who start to text you after you subscribed on another clinic’s account on social media. The clinics with good results always have customers and they do not need to monitor followers of other clinics.

Advantages of our clinic:

  ü  We work with a certified doctor – Dr. Kurshat Yalvach

  ü  We are ready to provide photos and video archive of any patient you see on our website or social media accounts.

  ü  The payment is done after the hair transplant procedure is finished, when our patient is already sure that we have done everything as was promised. Nobody will ask you for any extra payment. All the prices are fixed.

Contact us with any questions, we are always glad to assist you.

With respect to all the clinics and doctors who do their job with appreciation of their patients before and after the surgery.