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December 19 , 2018

A lot of men wish to have a thick and full beard. If you are one wishing to have full beard but born without the genes responsible for it or have balding spots caused by alopecia areata, hormonal changes, scarring or previous plastic surgeries on face, then beard transplant is the solution for you. The best thing about beard transplant is that you will be free choosing any preferable beard style, as the effect of procedure provides absolutely natural look and leaves no scars, so if you shave it there will be no sign of transplantation procedure. Usually hair for transplantation is taken from the back of your head, as they are thick and look natural when transplanted to beard, but if necessary hair can be taken from other parts of body too.  

In Bellus Clinic we offer two techniques for beard transplants: FUE and Sapphire FUE, the duration of the process is the same for these techniques, the only difference is the tool used for opening canals. The tool used for sapphire FUE method has fine needles made of Sapphire gem. Being the second gem with its sharpness after diamond it provides more accuracy in giving each graft (follicular union) its individual direction and depth, using this method you won’t need recovery period, as sapphire needles do not damage skin. You can read about both of these methods on our site or contact our specialists for online consultation and they will help you to choose the most suitable option for your individual case.

If you have decided to undergo the beard transplant here is some basic information about the stages of medical treatment.


·         Consultation: The procedure begins with a medical examination like all hair transplant surgeries. You will need to have blood test and some other examinations, so a doctor can state if this type of treatment is suitable with your overall health condition. You can also request free online consultation with our specialists, so you will be given all the basic information about your case.

·         Operation: For a successful, natural result during the procedure, the direction of beard hair growth is taken into account. There are two main stages of beard transplantation, extraction, and implantation of grafts (follicular unions) in the recipient area. The donor hair will be taken from the area between  two ears on the back of the neck and will be implanted one by one using the FUE or Sapphire FUE method.

·         Cleaning and PRP: on the next day after surgery, patients undergo cleaning and PRP – plasma lifting procedure, which will help your hair grow healthy and strong.



After the operation, there will be no scars or sutures. During the operation, it is very important to follow the direction of hair growth, which for each patient can have individual characteristics. Only if all the necessary conditions are followed, a beard hair transplant will give a natural effect. On the day after surgery you should avoid any physical activity, especially sport. During the rest of the week you may assume some light activities like waking, but exercising or lifting must be avoided. Usually it needs up to 10 days for beard to be sufficiently healed to support a return to normal activities such as exercising or any kind of sport. But weight lifting and any other serious exercising regimen must be postponed for another week. After about a month patients can return to their preoperative regimen without any exception. Our hair transplant surgeons will answer all your specific questions and provide you all the instructions about recovery period.

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Vitaliy Bogdanov
March 28 , 2019
Добрый день! Интересует стоимость операций по: - пересадка волос на голове - пересадка волос бороды
Bellus Clinic
Bellus Clinic Team
March 29 , 2019
Здравствуйте, добрый день, Стоимость зависисит от технологии, которая используется для пересадки, у нас есть технология DHI, FUE, Sapphire, поэтому важно увидеть ваши фото. Так же стоимость зависит от того, интересует ли вас лишь пересадка, или полный пакет наших услуг. Пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами по нашим номерам по звонку/whatsapp/viber/imo/telegram : +905309364022, +905309364024.

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