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December 17 , 2018

There are many methods used in hair transplantation. The most famous method is FUE ( follicular unit extraction), which has made a qualitative and important progress in hair loss and baldness treatment.

FUE is a procedure when follicular units (grafts) are extracted one by one  from donor area and transplanted to the baldness zones.

FUE is a non invasive method, which leaves no scars or sutures. Also FUE is the only technique with which even hair from body can be used for transplantation.

Before the procedure, the hair on the donor area is cut to 3 mm, then the area to be operated is washed with antiseptic, the doctor draws natural hairline, then the patient gets local anesthesia.

The effect of local anesthesia lasts 1-10 hours. The patient can sleep, listen to music or watch TV during the operation.

After the anesthesia works, the doctor moves to the stage of extracting follicullar units from the donor area. Depending on the density of the donor area, the doctor takes 2 of 4 bulbs per 1 mm to avoid damage and formation of bald patches on the donor area. This is done using a micromotor with very thin heads and very small cylindrical holes.

After the extraction, grafts are placed in a special nutrient fluid.

When the grafts are collected the doctor starts to open channels, where the extracted grafts will be transplanted later.

The stage of opening the channels is the most important stage of the procedure, as the final result depends on their accuracy. This takes between one and a half to two hours. Further, with the help of special tweezers for transplantation, the doctor carefully, manually transplantes prepared grafts.

When the hair transplantation process is finished  the patient receives painkillers and anti-infective agents with instructions.

 Features of FUE:

    o  First of all, this is the sole procedure that provides you the chance to regrow your natural hair

o You will have your head full of hair that won’t fall anymore

o You do not need to get multiple sessions, one procedure will provide you the natural result

o No wounds or scars

o Not invasive

o Quick recovery period.

o No harm to donor area

o FUE has ability to harvest hair follicules from almost any area of the body. This is the solution for those with poor donor hair on scalp.

Recovery process:

One of the main advantages of FUE method is easy and short recovery period. Here is the list of prior things you must be ready for after FUE hair transplant procedure:

  o   Your scalp will be sore immediately after the operation

  o   Start consuming pain killers immediately after surgery

  o   Sleep in an upright position for the few first nights

  o   Avoid consuming blood thinners for at least couple of weeks afer surgery.

  o   Avoid alcohol consumption for a week after the procedure

  o   Avoid tanning and sun exposure

  o   Avoid touching your scalp

  o   Scratching the scalp is strictly prohibited.

  o   Follow your surgeon’s instructions

 Specialists of Bellus Clinic use FUE method for hair restoration. Contact us for additional information or for free online consultation.