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For Bellus Clinic, the most important thing is to take care of your image and health. That is why all the information that we provide here is recognized worldwide. We are a group of first level clinics, leaders in aesthetic medicine. To be able to satisfy in a personalized way the needs of each customer. We specialize in micro hair graft, eyebrows, beard, moustache, (PRP) or plasma elevation, hyaluronic acid injections (BOTOX), teeth whitening and laser vision correction. With us you will find the best service and the most complete technological advance for the care of health and beauty. We are a modern and adapted clinic. You can easily find us on different social networks where we only offer relevant and high quality content. We continuously follow all innovations and technologies. Our clinic is located in one of the most commercial and modern areas of the western part of İstanbul. Bellus Clinic is backed by highly trained Physicians and Technicians for the realization of these innovative techniques. For which Bellus Clinic guarantees a satisfactory result. If you think about hair transplantation and have many doubts and fears, our specialists will do their best to provide many different choices for the best results. The art of transformation is at Bellus Clinic. OUR MISSION Provide an excellent service, with advanced technology and highly qualified personnel, dedicated to improving image and quality today and always. OUR VISION Always to the forefront with scientific-technical advances, leading the best technology in terms of health and beauty by providing excellent quality services.

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