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Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Such a procedure consists of microinjections with hyaluronic acid, which are aimed to moisturize the skin and stimulate the production of its own acid, collagen, and elastin.
Biorevitalization is done all over the face, on the neck, in the decollete area, on the hands and in places of obvious dehydration.
The hyaluronic acid used in biorevitalization is in the form of a gel solution (it can also be water-based), which means that at each injection site you will have a so-called papule like a mosquito bite a couple of days. So get ready that within a few days after going to the salon you will have a bumpy face. But the result is worth it!
Biorevitalization is done by courses from three procedures, after which once in 3-4 months supportive therapy is required.

In contrast to biorevitalization, not only hyaluronic acid is used for mesotherapy microinjections, but a whole cocktail of various drugs - vitamins, herbal extracts, and etc. The specific “set” depends on the problem that needs to be solved.
On the one hand, mesotherapy is good because the skin will receive several beneficial substances at once, not just hyaluronic acid.
Therefore, if we compare biorevitalization and mesotherapy, in the first case it is, let's say, treatment and a quick result, in the second - prevention and a cumulative effect.


This procedure is similar to the "filling" of the lips. In this case, the lost volume that occurs with age is also replenished.
With the help of hyaluronic acid for the face, the doctor will help to return the sharpness of the cheekbones and correct the outline of the cheeks.


Lip hyaluronic acid injection is a favorite procedure of those who by nature have thin or asymmetrical lips, as well as aged women: due to aging, the processes of synthesis of own hyaluronic acid in the mouth area is slowed down, which leads to loss of volume. One trip to the beautician allows you to return the former volume, and at the same time give your lips a young swelling.
The whole procedure will require 1-2 ml of a dense gel, not more. And the final result can be estimated in the period up to two weeks when the swelling subsides. The duration of the effect depends on the percentage of the acid itself in the preparation - the denser the filler, the longer the lips retain volume. On average, the effect lasts for 10-15 months. 


lactation period;
exacerbation of chronic diseases;
the presence of inflammation on the skin in the place where the procedure is planned, as well as the tendency to form keloid scars;
infectious diseases accompanied by fever.