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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a radical and most effective method of hair restoration on head as well as in the area of beard, mustache, eyebrows.

  • The practice of hair transplantation has more than half a century. For the first time questions about transplantation were raised in Japan in 1939, and already in the 60s of the last century, the first operations were carried out. Such operations have become a coup in medicine and cosmetology, allowing millions of people on the planet to deal with the "shortcomings" of their appearance. Hair transplant solves not only the problems of people suffering from baldness for one reason or another but also helps to hide scars, burns, injuries, unsuccessful operations or just restoring density of hair on the head and facial hair (mustache, eyebrows, beard) after depilation, tattoo, certain diseases.

At Bellus Clinic, we use the latest hair transplant techniques and technologies, namely:

The art of transformation is at Bellus Clinic