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December 14 , 2018

Hair transplantation is considered to be the only method to solve the problem of baldness.

With the development and variety of the techniques of hair transplant, we, In Bellus Clinic, convoy all the new medical developments in order to provide it to our customers. In our clinic, we always use the newest and best techniques which modern medicine has reached. One of such techniques is the Perkutan method.

Bellus Clinic is considered one of the first clinics to start using this method in hair transplant. 

What is Perkutan Technique?

Principally it depends on opening the pores of the skin in the bald areas, then transplanting the hair bulbs in the proper direction using the Perkutan device, which holds a special needle in order to avoid damaging the skin on recipient area.

This technique prevents pain and increases recovery time. A doctor is able to control the depth and direction of implanted hair.

Perkutan offers more density. It is possible to transplant 45-50 bulbs per square centimeter, what makes it possible to transplant 6000 bulbs and more to baldness areas.

Thus Perkutan Technique gives a perfect result for successful hair transplantation and  100% natural effect.