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December 12 , 2018

Eyebrow contour provides facial expression and is significantly important to a person’s appearance, contributing to the femininity or masculinity of the face. Without them, a person feels incomplete, self-conscious, and unnatural, it can cause great distress and anxiety .

Eyebrow hair transplantation is an advanced and very difficult procedure, however, in the experience of the Bellus clinic doctors, it is highly effective and successful.

The procedure is performed  by FUE (follicular unit extraction), sapphire FUE or  DHI(direct hair implantation) methods.  The goal is to create a satisfactory and natural-looking transplanted eyebrow shape according to the patients’ desire.

The donor  hair are taken from the scalp,  when transplanted into the eyebrows they continue to grow for a lifetime.

The prosedure is perfomed under local anesthesia, using innovative NFI (needle free injection) technology.

For the first 2 to 4 days after the procedure, tiny crusts are around each transplanted hair.

By 3 to 5 days redness fades out and patients are able to return to normal activities.

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